New Release: Sudden into Miss E with Dirty Red

What’s that in the air? A wild romance!

A famous rock star suddenly falling in love with a young woman who he meets by chance at a friend’s cottage. Their wild romance begins and his friends are in shock!

Listen now!


Released December 2, 2022
Words & Music by Rob Mullen Jr
Lead Guitar by Rob Mullen Jr
Rhythmn Guitar by Rob Mullen Jr
Drums & Percussion by Char Agnello
Bass by The Spass Dude from Willowdale
Background Vocals by GvonG and Erin Blackstock
Recording Engineer by Char Agnello
Mixing by Nostalgic Home Highways
Mastering Joah Carvalho Mastering
Produced & Published by Kincaid Gray Productions (R) 2009
Photos & Design Gabi von Gans (c) 2009

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